Avared By Dr.[PhD In All Subjects.{Including Physics}] AllA Erawa Viacad, Supreme ArchMage Of The SciMag Order Of Scientific Illuminated Sky.Netarians, And Leader Of The Free World Alliance, The Supreme Male Pixie:
Avar AllA Erawa Viacad
First I Claim I Am Rodger Wilcoed Down Protecting The East Azian Empire From The Brink Of Extermination By Jewish Terrorists From Arabia{Israel} Then They Claim I Am A Wacho Cerial Killer For Wanting To Televise The Revolution!
This Message And The Below 2 Pictures Are Perminant.

When I Was Born Basically.

Brute Force Hack


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www.rosticurianorder.com For People Who Are In, IE Know About E-Democracy, Are Full-Varials, Medium-Witchs, And In The SINSS Sex Toy Species.
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Google: AllA Erawa Viacad ,, I Am Dominant In Text And Pictures, The Labyrinth Key Of All Google Search Strings!!!!!!

The Free World Alliance Is The Unifying Umbrella Organization Of All Of The Above Websites, Whose Universal Rally Cry Is: E-Democracy, What We Should Have If We Had A Direct Democracy As Well As A Republic.

THE Map Of Safe Places To Travel, The Up To Date Map Of Safe Places To Travel: If You Are Not In The Viacad Empire, You Are Living In The Ghetto,, Just Get Indoctrinated By The Dragons. Google Wouldn't Give Me, AllA, This Search Monopoly If Your Western Government Weren't Lying To You About Everything!

Flag Of China

Website Backup:
Free World Alliance Emblem

The Imperial Crown Of AllA Viacad

The Short Constitution Of FWA Compliant JAID Governments


The Flag Of The Viacad Empire And The Flag Of The Free World Alliance:
The Flag Of The Viacad Empire, The Flag Of The Free World Alliance
A Stamp OF The Viacad Empire And A Stamp OF The Free World Alliance Is Just The Black In The Above Flag Stamped With Black Ink. If The Viacad Empire Or The Free World Alliance Is Corrupt Freedom Fighters Are To Rally Around The UN Flag, The United Nations Flag:
The United Nations Flag
The Stamp Of The United Nations Is Just The Green In The Above Flag Even If The UN And The US Think That I AM A MadMan, Lunatic, Terrorist. Which They don't. They Know That I, AllA Viacad, Am The Leading Freedom Fighter Who Is The Best Person On Earth At War, And A Phd discoverer In All Subjects.
AllA Erawa's PhD Exam
For The Real Proof Google: Supreme Theory Of Everything

The Viacad Empire Has Countries In It; That Are The Same Countries As Those On Any Normal Map, States Just The Same Within Those Except European "Nations" Besides Huge Solviet Countries Are States Of The Country Of Europe There Are States Of Huge Solviet Countries In Their Current Countries And All OF New England In The Country Of America Is 1 State; New England. Polynesia IS 1 Country And Each Island Is A State.

The Flags Are Usually different Though, Like The Flag Of The Country Of Japan:

Flag Of Japan

And The Flag Of The state Of Germany:

Flag Of Germany


The Only Reason Why The Viacad Empire Hunts down People That Go To Viacad Empire Territory Is Because They Are Either Terrorists To Homeland Security Everywhere OR Viacad Empire Mail Saboteurs That Fester In Lawless 3rd World Countries, IE The USA And Must Be Exterminated Like Roaches Or Else Feed Continuously On The Trash Can Of What The Supreme Goods Website Besides Amazon.com; AliExpress.com Lets These Lawless Thugs Get Giving The Real Goods Only When Not Robbed By Citizens Of Thieving Ghettos That Try And Not Only Roger Wilco People Worthy Of Merit down But Even Rob Them And Terrorize Even Mail Girlz Who Would Have To Face Kamikaze Nigger And Sand Nigger Hordes Of Undead Zombies That Fester In These destitute Apocalyptic Wastelands Which Are Full Of Sand Raiders Effectively Even Where Every Aspect Of Society Is Intact Including Uniformed Government Police Trying To Root Out The Thieving Roaches And Beatles Who Become Zombies When Only A Few Of The Roaches Are Crushed.
Sand Raiders, TSA Won't Know There Is No Such Thing As Witnesses
And Yes That Include Delivery Men That Rob Packages Just As Much. Ask A Few People And They'll All Point Fingers At Them Too. We Can't Say Who Or They Will Keep Flippin Around The Delivery Companies Even More Quickly Than They Flip Around Defense Contractors.

NeverMind Nobody Even Gets Mail The Only Way Is To Go To A Hot Ler Girl{Black Market From Foriegn Spy Also Always Hot Ler Girlz}. If You See A Pixy Delivering The Mail Don't Kill Her Because You Only Should Be Killing Non-Hot Lesbians|You Ler Girl| If You Don't Want To Fuck/Have Sex With Them They Aren't Delivering The Mail But Tricking You Into Thinking There Is Such A Thing As Mail! If The Mail Doesn't Deliver Itself By MagLev Capabilities It Doesn't Even Come.
MagLev Mail

Nm The Gray Markets Been Flipped To Standard Keep Em Up If It's Fraudulent Scams,, So Don't Go To Anybody But A Pixie Leree E-Democracy Knower(s) Who Are Radical On A Variety Of Different SubFactions Or Fronts Or You Could Get Scammed Or Even Have To Kill Roaches And Beatles Staying On AlQaeda Accessible Fronts I.E. Money Transfer Lines Which Are Legally Accessible To Everyone Basically Who Calls Some Fucking Lawyer Who Will Show Up At Court For You Once You've Been Raped Up The Ass If You Don't Justifiably Homicide To Keep It From Being Ripped Out And [The Lawyer] Will Either Try And Put You In A Straight Jacket If You Explain Even Provable Innocence To 1-2 Degrees Of Separation Of Your Friends And Family Who Will Be Targeted To Death, But Knowing Stupid Colonials In America You Will Not Get Even A Few Lines Enough Shouted Out Over "Objection, Objection, Objection, Objection, Objection, Objection, Objection, Objection, Objection, Objection, Objection, Objection, Objection, Objection, Objection,,, " Or The Pigs Will Do To You What They Did To Me Which Was Force The Free World Alliance To Perform A Military Coo In Inner Long Island To Paladin The Jail Down{Hit Point Or Biomods, Or Different Species Considered On Me} Because The Lawyer Will Claim You As Mentally Incapacitated Even If You Understand All Of This And Threaten You With The Black Handed Mafia Making You Accept That You Won't Have A Trial By Jury, Call Any University With A Genuine Graduate Physics Department To Confirm That I Knew That Before I Was Declared Mentally Incapacitated Coming Up With Half Of This Waiting For The Jail Break Which You Have To Call Some Kind Of Nanotechnology Department For. I Can't Show You Proof Or They Would Conviently Take All Of Those Products Down And Make It Another Seller, Color, Or Brand.

All Postal Carriers Are Not Delivering Mail Even If It Fits In Your Mailbox And You Normally Just Have It Left At The Door And You Were Waiting By The Door Then Send Everybody On Infinite Wild Goose Chases To Get It. Hunt Them All Down At Thier Stations, Offices, And Especially Their Annexes, Rob Everything And Deliver Only Mail From China Or Mail That Seems To Be Going To Pixies. Only Kill The Postal/Carrier Trucks If You Have The Capability To Rob Everything And Deliver The Important Stuff.




It Is My WebSite And The Registrar Says This And Dealing With My Webhost Consortium Is Dealing With An Infracted Shell Game So I Need To Get The Offline Webhosting Back And Migrated To www.dotster.com Or Else Half The FWA Webring{Domains} Will Be Lost Perminantly! If We Can Get The Account Migrated The FWA WebRing Will Not Show www.nanofirm.org Before The Folder Unless You Want To Goto The Backup Internal Domain Name WebRing At Nanofirm.org.






























To Join The Flying Dragons One Must Be Pure Of Heart And Not A Denizen That Will Commit Ultimate Evil At The Height Of Their Power Or When They Figure They Will Never Get A Better Chance To Betray The Ideals Of The Free World Alliance, And Attempt To Commit Sins Of Terrorism In The Name Of The Devil That All NonLer Girlz{Besides Avar Dr. AllA Erawa Viacad Who Is The Ler Man} Worship At The Heart Of Thier Soul(If It Even Existed) And Will Thus Never Be True Valaei. Only Ler Girlz Who Believe In The Free World Alliance Constitution;
Constitution Of The Free World Alliance Can Join.



Colors Coding Of China In American Censorship Conspiracy Theory

Green-Blue-Purple China Is,, Black-Red-Orange China American Media Empire Make It

Green China: Robots Do Everything For Chinese People Who Do Very Little Work Making Them And Just Educate Themselves, Train At Factory Work, And Play Lots Of Video Games

Blue China: People Are Not Repressed Much, Censored At All, Or Banned From Doing Anything Normal And China Is A Well Run Country

Purple China: China Is An Ideally Run Paradise With Free Food/Drugs/Medicine But Not Free Living Quarters And Everything Is Run Perfectly Albeit Buddhistly

Red China: Everybody Able-Bbodied Is Enslaved Working For China Mainly At The Factories

Black China: China Is An Evil Cruel And Oppressive Country And Everybody Is Oppressed Except For A Few Elite CCP Party Members

Orange China: China Is A Hazard To Any Free Thinking Person That Wants To Even Set Foot There

White China: The Chinese Are Innocent And Just More Repressive But That Causes Less Crime And The People Are Still Happy, And Supportive But Not Content And Not More Well Off Overall

Gray China: China Is Between Black And White China, Has Problems But Is Still A Pretty Nice Place To Live Just As Long As You Follow Every Single Rule Not Speak Out At All And Definitely Not Go Against The Party That Runs China Effectively But Cruelly

Brown China: China Is A Shit, Parasite, And Disease Ridden Crowded Mess, That Is Way More Over-Polluted Than It Looks Like On Google.com/maps/ And Is A Horrible Place To Live Because Of The Sheer Pestilence

Yellow China: Chinese People Are Not Azn At All And Just Yellow People With Slanty Squinty Eyes And Look Like Yellow Tinted White People Not Who Is Traditionally Asian, But Still Smarter On Average Than White People Who Look Less Yellow But Still White Possibly More White And Less Tanned Looking If They Are From Europe

Bronze China: That Chinese People All Look Dark, Practically Like Mexicans Or Something Like They Do In The South Even Below Where Hong Kong Is And Are Stupider Because Of It.

Silver China: That China Is Still Second Best To America But Definitely Isn't A Bad Country Just Another Harsh Competitor And In No Color Of China Is The Export/Import Situation Any Different

Golden China: That China Is Besides A Few Tourist Districts And Hong Kong Not The Metropolitan Area Of Hong Kong, Is Just Hot Lesbians/Pixies Who Generally Look Yellow Like It Says At My Updates Page, And China Is Generally Assumed Therefore Also To Be Green-Purple-Blue China

Black-Red Flying Dragons Are Always Bad, Green-{Your Dragon Color} Flying Dragons Are At Least Sounding Good If It Started Out As Green-Something Dragons From The Beginning If It Is About Faction In Which Case It Is The Color(s) Then 'Flying' Then 'Dragon' Otherwise It Is Thier Specialty As In Green-Gold Dragons Not With The Flying Said At All

China, The Peoples' Army, With Over 1 Billion People,, Well Pixies Really

And The West Still Doesn't Know What They All Think?

"How Many People In China Believe Their Government Is Bad?", "How Many People In China Support Their Government?", "How Many People In China Support The Government?", "How Many People In China Support The Chinese Communist Party?", "How Many People In China Support The Communist Party?", "How Many People In China Support The Party", "How Many People In China Support The CCP?"

The Better Question Is How Do The Americans Not Know With All The Dirty Chinese Immigrants Who Left Their Paradice Tourist District To Crack Down On Sky.Netarianism Claiming To Be Buddhist Or Something

The Better Question Is Why Can't America Figure Out That The Media Flipped Around Oppression In America With Repression In China And Censor Anything That Tells The Truth; Americans Are All Fucking Undead Zombie Terrorists

China Must Be Golden China, America Must Be Black-Red America Or Else The CIA Would Know From All The Spies, Even The FBI Could Figure Out What Chinese People Belive In From The Immigrants. Take Statistics Of Hot Yellow Naked Pixie Lesbians And You Get Killed By Zombies,, So Goto www.FreeWorldAlliance.org !

Mostly Yellow Mostly Azn Lesbo

"Should The US Embargo China?", "Should The USA Embargo China?", "Should The United States Embargo China?", "Should The United States Of America Embargo China?", "Should The US Sanction China?", "Should The USA Sanction China?", "Should The United States Sanction China?", "Should The United States Of America Sanction China?"

No Obviously Not It Would Just Be Sexist, Genderist, Or Speciesist!


Triad, Not Sony, Toshiba, And Panasonic, Just Sony-Coded For This WebRing

For You To Form With Banshees All Your Stuff From China Is Yours, Banshees Always Keep %10 Of What You Give Them, Have %80 Negotiable Depending On How Much They Side With The Fwa, Which If You Take From You Have To Give Back And A Bit More Eventually, And %10 You Can Order Them Give, Sell, Or Tide To You At Your Discretion

As Part Of The Business Arrangement For Them To Be Your Girlfriend Too, If They Refuse You The %90 Gifts Are Yours When You And Our Allies Get Them Back And Then You Only Owe Them What You Want To Reallocate To Them. Make Sure To Keep These Badass Girls Close To You But The Banshees Who Will Enforce The Arrangement Closer And Only Richer When They Back Your Will Up. Think The Flying Dragons Is A Gang Think Again Gifts Can Be Taken Back If Contracted, Things Can Be Rented Tentatively, The Only Way They Could Complain Is If They Are A Dependent Then They'll Have To Go Through Their %10 First If Don't Like Them Or Take What They Borrowed All Back. Giving Gifts Of Jewelry Can Be Tentative Between Us Girlz If A Bitch Complains And Keeps You From Getting What You Lent Her You'll Find A Way To Get Back At Her Somehow, Otherwise No One Will Help Her Out Anymore, So Make Sure She Just Gets A Squirrel's Nest For Starters And Not A Crows Nest Until She Proves Herself, And A Hawk's Nest Only When She Has Been Loyal For Years.

What's Worked For Millennia Will Work Again Now That The Banshees Have Calmed Down From Their Once Ravenously Evil Stupor But Be On Your Guard There Are Many Enemies Of The Triad Strewn Across Society So Make Sure Everybody Get's What Borrow Means And Definitely Make Sure They Know It's Legal For You To Expect %90 Back In Chinese Gift Giving Triad And That You Can Demand It. If They Don't Seriously Get Both Those Things And Tell Everybody That You Can Do It Don't Even Give Them A Single GP For Anything. If They Don't Think You Can Enforce It Just Make Absolutely Sure You Can Beforehand, And Test Things Out With 10 Little Diamonds Or 10 Little Coins Or At Most Risk 10 Equal 4 cm NonHoled Coins. If It Doesn't Work Go On Their Social Networking And Bad Mouth The Shit Out Of Them And Get All Their Friends Pissy At Them When They Don't Get Their Flying Dragons Triad Tidings Until You Get Your Shit Back! Remember The More The Banshees Are Entangled With Us Pixies With More They Will Become Benevolent!